Korean rap is almost the best kind of rap. But their music videos are definitely the best.

After many years of espousing the great joys of French rap (Supreme NTM still kills me every time), I’ve recently discovered my second favorite type of rap: Korean rap. And even better: Korean rap videos outclass just about every other type of rap music video (Die Antwoord gets its own category).

Granted, this is based on a sample size of one, but I think you’ll agree this is pretty much a grade-A killer deal-making sample. It’s like LMFAO and Kim Jong-Il did the nasty, and produced¬†South Korea’s greatest gift to digital media:


  • Nope, I have no idea what “Super Gangnam Style” means. The first time I listened to this song, I was convinced he was saying “open condom style.”
  • It’s nice to know that gratuitous ass shots seem to be a cross-cultural crowd pleaser, universally accepted in the world of rap videos.
  • I don’t know if the horse-riding dance move is a Korean thing or just this dude’s thing, but strongly believe that it needs to go global. It’s could become this generation’s macarena/electric slide!
  • The guy in the elevator at 1:55 is my absolute favorite.
  • Parachute short are back. At least, in Korea.
  1. Parachute shorts/pants have been back for a while in Asia. Or they never ever left.

  2. Connie Hwong said:

    They hit the US, too – that phenomenon of drop-waisted pants was truly unfortunate.

  3. Kayla NHA said:

    It’s “Oppa Gangnam Style:” Oppa is what a korean girl calls an older brother/boyfriend, and Gangnam is a neighborhood in Seoul that’s very ritzy. He’s praising the girls from that area…… and yes, Psy choreographed this himself. He style has always been crazy and satirical.

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