Melon Ballers

The Japanese Koreans have gone and outdone us yet again. Who remembers how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? More importantly, who cares? I mean, that was ages ago. Where is the intellectual curiosity that made this nation great? These intrepid young souls have embarked on a mission to figure out how many rubber bands you can place around a watermelon before it bursts from the pressure. I won’t give it away, but here’s a hint: it’s sure as hell more than 3.

Posted by Dave from Guest-editing each Friday in July!


  1. charlotte said:

    Race generalization fail… (them’s ain’t japanese yo).

    You get a pass b/c it’s a guest post (and because even I can’t tell the difference between most asians) but hey I don’t go around calling Kenyans Jamaicans without making sure I know what I’m talking about. Jus sayin’.

  2. charlotte said:

    So here’s the thing. I didn’t really care that you’re a smalltime blog posting about weird stuff. I kind of like that. I have a dozen or so links on my bookmarks bar including boingboing, laughingsquid, onecoolthingaday, stuff like that, and you guys are (used to be) one of them.

    The whole Japanese/Korean mistake thing was mildly offensive but I was just razzing you more than anything else. Whatevs. I was still coming back for more.

    Here’s the the big turnoff though as a blog reader (and the thing that does it for me).
    I see y’all get maybe 1 comment a month or something like that, that’s fine. But man, the complete ghost town of a silence after that post? I sorta thought you might correct it…maybe that’s asking too much. But no acknowledgment, not even a reply?

    Pretty much tells me:
    A – Don’t care
    B – Didn’t notice
    C – You’re okay with painfully racial generalizations
    D – Nobody (including you) reads your own blog

    All of those, big turnoff for a blog reader. I just realized, awesome or not, this wasn’t worth my time.

    • Hi, Charlotte,

      Because of the way WordPress notifications work, we only caught your comments today — our bad, and we’ll be better about checking on this in the future. The post has been corrected, and while we understand if you choose not to come by anymore, we do apologize for the error and our lack of awesome.

      Liz and the HSA team

  3. Dave said:

    First off Charlotte, is there someone I can call for you? You seem really…upset. I mean, multiple choice, wow. Never was much good at those. As a general rule I don’t like to have it out with users in the comments section, but since you’ve been asking (and asking) for an explanation, here goes: The site that I sourced the video from had it labelled as japanese (they have since made the correction, as I will do) and since my korean is a little rusty I went with what was in the description. See? No racial malice or insensitivity intended. Why hell, I’m a minority myself, though I may have thicker skin when it comes to things intended to be humorous than some people (*COUGH* Charlotte). A little lazy perhaps, but Edward R. Murrow I am not, nor do I claim to be. But hang in there, we should have a team of fact checkers in our employ by summer 2025. I hope you found this explanation sufficient and now that you’ve read it the healing can begin. All the love, -d-

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