This Month’s Guest Editors: Wheeeeeeee’s Dan and Dave!

Hey, everybody! So how great was Jon last month, huh? So great. Thanks so much, Jon!

This month, we’re joined by the editors of (_wheeeeeeee on Twitter!) Asked to describe themselves, they went with this:

18-ish months ago, a little blog called Wheeeeeeee! was foisted upon an unsuspecting populous by two creative professionals sharing a common interest: finding good stuff and then quipping it to death. Built on little more than moxie and ignorance, Wheeeeeeee! now stands as a bastion of high internet culture, aggregating and creating content for an exponentially growing audience of spambots.

So as you can see, they are experts at this whole picking-a-video-and-posting-it-on-Wordpress thing. Please welcome Dave and Dan, and join me in looking forward to their picks!

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