The Land of Pinterest: Interpretations and Ruminations

Imagine for a moment that Pinterest was conceived and marketed in 1992. How would that go? This video dares to imagine such a hypothetical. It’s a good idea with an absolutely spot-on graphic interpretation. (demerits for the cheesy warped-tape effect and the curious VO treatment, but let’s not be too picky.)

More broadly, can we discuss Pinterest for a sec?

Chock full of humblebragsdomesticated Photoshops, and unveiled pathos, it’s not just wildly successful: it may also be the most estrogen-y place on the internet. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, as a man, I find it strangely wonderful…a glimpse through the keyhole of a forbidden city, a city with gilded sidewalks upon which I shall never confidently tread.

Oh, there’s also a shit-ton of food porn.

Happy scrolling!

Posted by Dan from Guest-editing each Friday in July!

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