This Month’s Guest Editor: Erin Maxwell!

Hey, let’s give Jay Bushman a big round of applause for his April picks! Some great stuff, amiright? I’m totally right.

And this month, we’re joined by the equally excellent Erin Maxwell! Erin is an editor and writer extraordinaire for Variety, and when asked to describe herself, she responded as follows:

You found me hiding under the desks of a vacant office where I made a nest of discarded Sharpies and laminated badges from past award ceremonies. I was raised by a roving group of temps and my only connection to the outside world consisted of a 2003 iPod from the Lost & Found, which only had eight episodes of Drawn Together on it. You spent the last three weeks teaching me hygiene and how to post.

That last part is definitely true. Say hi to Erin, and look forward to her picks!

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