The First 12 Minutes of “Sound Of My Voice”

The film Sound of My Voice opens today, after several months of buzz.  A large driver of that buzz was the release the first 12 minutes of the film, in an expanded and enhanced experience.

I wanted to embed that video in this post, but apparently Fox Searchlight beheaded WordPress’s father or something, because they refuse to play together nicely. You can find the 12-minute experience here.)

Here’s the movie’s trailer instead:

Mmmmm, culty-wulty, timey-wimey goodness!

(Aside: I confess that I am tired of terms like like “enhanced experience,” “bonus content” and *shudder* “transmedia,” that try to describe something without really giving you any useful information.  Not that it stops me from using these terms almost every day. Oh, buzzwords. I can’t quit you. )

Watching the film’s opening online gives you access to the expanded world around the film – youtube videos, multiple websites, and recurring cult indoctrination every Thursday at the Ukranian Cultural Center.  All put together in a very well-design, intuitive interface.

Looks like somebody learned some lessons from the Jejune Institute.

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