Creating a ‘Method’ to the Madness

There are moments when working in branded entertainment impacts my judgement on what is awesome, and this is one of them. Created by the digital agency Mekanism, this Method ‘anthem’ is definitely an advertisement, but not in the tradition sense. There’s something very internet-specific about it that makes me love it. Maybe it’s the close ups, the music choice, or the hipster styling, but it reminds me of a video that could possibly be made by OK Go.

Despite all the madness (drums, lite-brite wall, balloon half pipe), one thing is clear. Method is one of the companies that ‘gets it’. Digital distribution is different than television. And if audiences are going to click on your video and spend the time to watch it online, they want to be entertained.

So touche, Method. I’m convinced that you are the coolest. If I didn’t already use your products, I would now.

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