I’m on a Motherfucking Bike

Featuring what could possibly be the best bike horn solo ever, this Motherfucking Bike video captures the rage and entitlement of some certain two-wheel-transients. All while using the cheesiest fake moustaches and green screen I’ve seen in a long time. After watching this, I’m determined to find a way to rig my ride so I can cruise downhill while drinking coffee from a mug ‘on a motherfucking bike’.

“I’m on a Motherfucking bi-ike.” No Really I am. So thank you, WordPress app, for helping spread this piece of awesome.

1 comment
  1. I’ve actually seen someone deal with these assholes with an air pistol. They cut a steel rod that fit down the muzzle of the air pistol to about six inches long. They aimed for the leading edge of the front wheel or a little bit ahead of it when the bike went by. The rod went through the spokes and locked the wheel to the front fork. The asshole on the bike went sailing over the handlebars when the bike wheel came to a stop.

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