Borderlands 2 – Get Ready To JoyPuke Your Face Off

Oh Borderlands, how I did so love you. You were simultaneously a throwback to the Doom-esque first-person-shooters of old, and a new blend of very unique art design, nuanced gameplay, western-style RPGs, and guns – lots and lots of guns (a theoretical 17 million variations, to be specific.) So after 4 pieces of remarkably entertaining DLC and a staggeringly successful 5 million unit sales on a totally new property, there will of course be a sequel.

The good news is that it looks like a lot of the elements that made the original “shoot-and-loot” so awesome are still present. The better news is that it features a number of improvements (HORIZONTAL SPLITSCREEN!) and an enthusiastically made-up number of more guns / “wub wub.”

But the best news? It’s being written by Anthony Burch of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing? fame.

Why thank you Gearbox, September 18th is so conveniently close to my birthday…

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