Jeremy Lin, NBA Star — and YouTuber?

Right now, even a complete sports n00b can’t help but know that a fella named Jeremy Lin is playing some very good basketball for the New York Knicks. But do you know what Jeremy was doing a mere two months ago? Making YouTube videos in San Francisco.

On the official Jeremy Lin YouTube channel, you will find four videos featuring Lin. One is a compilation of highlights from games played during the NBA lockout. One is a pretty compelling “Day in the Life” piece (Lin works out at 24 Hour Fitness! Lin eats at Denny’s!). But the other two (one dating from last August, the other last November) feature Lin playing around with YouTube stars KevJumba and Ryan Higa.

And when I say playing around, I mean that literally. There’s only one full-on sketch, embedded here, but it is surreal to watch — and not because Lin wears prop glasses, cracks occasionally weak jokes and gets hit in the head with a basketball. No, what’s surreal is that the video opens with him telling the camera “Because I have no life, and no job, I decided to make a video.”

Just another reminder of how fast things can change.

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