The Difference Between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England and a Whole Lot More

As Felicia is out of the country this week, you’re getting a double-dose of me (Barrett) instead. I can already hear you science nerds squealing with joy, but I’ve got something a little different up my sleeve today.

This week, one of my favorite Youtube producers, C. G. P. Grey, uses his charmingly inimitable style to finally shed some light on what has been a glaring gap in my knowledge my entire life.

You see, I’ve been content to call anyone from anywhere remotely close to London “British,” and having never been corrected by a Brit, I just assumed I was right to do so. I have been corrected by other people though, and as I rarely keep a Brit around just to clarify, this situation remained unsolved right up until the point where I found this video.

It turns out there is a big difference – big enough where even some citizens of the Isles might find it a bit confusing. Some of the rest of us just find it amusing (though that could also be the delivery) but it’s the “whole lot more” that the title promises where it really starts to get fascinating.

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