Will Mankind Destroy Itself?

If you’re gonna ask a question like the above title, with the scientific and sociological implications therein, you want to make sure you’re getting the right person to answer it. Your cousin Bob, for instance – maybe not the right guy. A theoretical physicist from CUNY and best-selling author who co-founded string theory? Yeah, that’s the guy.

Meet Michio Kaku. He’s smarter than anyone you hang out with and has obviously put some thought into this issue before. More importantly, he’s able to communicate his ideas in a way that makes sense to the average layman/non-theoretical-physicist. I hesitate to give any of his answer away, but suffice to say it’s fascinating how he’s categorized human civilization and utilized fictional civilizations in order to draw distinctions that make scientific and pop-sci sense.

Should you find yourself wanting more, I’ve got good news: this video is one of a series from BigThink.com where he covers everything from “Talking to Dogs” to “Why Cryogenics is Bogus” to “How to Program A Quantum Computer.” Needless to say, I’ve got my day week cut out for me.

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