The Gift delivers great VFX — and robots

To introduce this video, a quick note about my HSA workflow: Over the course of the week, if I notice a video with potential, I’ll add it to my VHX queue, and then when it’s time to write up a pick (usually the night before my day to post), I’ll go through what’s in said queue and make my choice. Using VHX as an Instapaper-esque solution to video consumption works great for me; the one downside is that I will sometimes forget where I found something — or why I even wanted to save it in the first place.

Today’s video is an example of that, because holy crap, where the hell did The Gift come from? Where did I find it? Why was it made? Well, I sort of have an answer to that last one — according to the Vimeo description, this short was directed by Carl E. Rinsch and “Belongs to the ‘pararell Lines’ Phillips Cinema campaning” [sic] — but ultimately, I don’t really care; it’s a beautifully-made sci-fi short and you should watch it. Especially if you like robots, and of course you like robots. Robots are cool.

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