There’s Nothing Quite Like a Real Book

Though the majority of reading these days happens on a 10” digital paper screen, I do miss the texture, touch, and smells of bound books.

Playing to their unique colors, structure, and design, the books in this beautifully-animated short literally jump off the shelves and come alive. Created by a Toronto couple who spent “many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books,” this playful stop-motion leaves me with the strange desire to rush to the nearest book store and give a copy of Hunger Games a happy new home.

Note: In going with today’s literary theme, I also recommend this video. It’s a page turner!

  1. Cassie said:

    That video was awesome, I love it. I’m going to share it on twitter. I especially love the cat book looking out from the shelf for the owner.

  2. Alice said:

    We’re still a long way yet before the ‘majority’ reads electronically I think. The traditional book still has a loyal crowd, including myself. Love the video though.

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