In which the ruin of The Chris Gethard Show is attempted

So I tend to veer away from picking HSA videos longer than five minutes, because I have this attention span problem, and am easily distracted, and wait, what was I doing?

Oh, right! I was writing about The Chris Gethard Show, for which I am making a big exception!

Hosted by the titular comedian, the talk show/podcast/livestream/what have you is a random wacky mix of stuff — but I’d wager that this episode, recorded January 4th, might be its most random and wacky to date. See, Gethard actively asked his audience to try to ruin the show however they saw fit, and the result is an hour of chaos, profanity and noisemakers. In short — pretty great live TV.

Just wait until the Dave Matthews starts. It’s a delight. (Via Image Oscillite.)

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