Shit (Black, White, and All) Girls Say

“Can you do me a favor” and bare with me, there are three videos today because alone each is noteworthy, but as a set they are even more awesome. “Aggghhhh.”

The original, a three part video series, has been online for just over three weeks and makes me laugh almost to the point of not breathing. I would like to think that the girls I know and hang out with don’t fall into these stereotypes, but really, this parody captures a little part of most girls. And in case you were wondering, yes, that is in fact Juliette Lewis.

This parody, Shit Black Girls Say, was published a few days after the original and is awesome all on it’s own. It stars comedian and character actor, Billy Sorrell, and the sequel can now be found on his Youtube channel.

And completing the trio, is Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, a video released yesterday by YouTube NextUp winner and popular Youtube personality, Chescaleigh. Having grown up with many black friends, I find this one to be honest and relatable. Most notably when it come to hair. I have definitely been jealous of my friends awesome braids and afros and had to use all my restraint to resist touching their luscious locks. Past aside, I appreciate how (Fran)chesca took this meme to a new level by adding some social commentary on how you might not want to treat your friends (of any color).

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