Liz’s Five Favorites From 2011

All week your friendly editors at Here’s Some Awesome will be selecting their favorites from the year! Some may be previously posted, some may be entirely new — but all represent the kind of awesome we’ve been happy to bring you guys all year long. Please enjoy, and happy holidays!

Dave Seger’s M83 Vocal Audition

Guest editor Rick Rey technically already posted about M83’s “Midnight City,” but we never got around to featuring David Seger’s inspired take on it. Which is a shame, because it’s pretty brilliant. Unexpected side effect of this video — I kinda fell head over heels for the actual song.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

A great use of motion graphics to offer inspiring advice for those who might need it. (Original post.)

40 Seconds of Tickle

Base-jumping = crazy talk, if you ask me. But anytime a guy wants to strap some HD cameras to his helmet and glide down the side of a mountain, I will happily watch. (Original post.)

Tiny Apartment

One of the great little-watched web comedies; last time, I featured their brilliant episode about The Wire, but today I feature one of their other great successes, “Who Is That?”

Madeon – Pop Culture (Dance Video)

Still one of my favorite dance videos ever, thanks to Nathan Barnatt’s sweet dance moves and even sweeter editing skills. (Original post.)

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