The GAG Quartet Shreds Some Serious Memes

Hidden deep within this song of animated awesome lies 40 nerdtastic internet memes. The most obvious of which are nyan cat, keyboard cat, rick roll, all your base, chocolate rain, friday, numa numa, trolololo, dramatic chipmunk, and double rainbow. Personally, I didn’t uncover them all. I was some where around 30 before I grew tired of rewatching.

If you find all the answers to this video treasure hunt, leave your list in the comments below so I can hang my head in shame for missing what was right in front of me.

Note: this video just barely beat the men of Community (aka my favorite show) without their shirts on. So if that’s more your thing, you can find said video here.

  1. CJ said:

    Here’s my list (probably incomplete), in order of appearance:
    Nyan Cat
    Yo Dawg (Xzibit)
    Keyboard Cat
    Rage Face (FFFFUUUU–)
    Me Gusta
    Y U No
    Antoine Dodson (so I’m told)
    Poker Face
    LOL Face
    Forever Alone
    Chacarron Macarron
    Imma Firin’ Ma Lazer
    Numa Numa
    O Rly? Owl
    Awesome Face
    Badger Badger Mushroom
    Double Rainbow
    Troll Dad
    Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    (At this point there were also a yellow creature – maybe a llama – and a hamster. Not sure what they’re for…)
    Chuck Testa
    Barack/Michelle Obama “Not Bad”
    Rebecca Black “Friday”
    F*ck Yea
    Chocolate Rain
    Puking Rainbows
    (the hamster reappears here…)
    Evil? Nyan Cat
    All Your Base Are Belong To Us

    By my count, that’s 35.

    • ilikecheese said:

      you forgot boxxy…..

      • CJ said:

        Where’s Boxxy? I never saw her in the vid.

    • Thanks for sharing your list CJ! I’ll have to watch it again and see if I see any others but this looks pretty solid.

    • The llama-looking thing is called \”Bunchie the Llama\”
      You can see Boxxy in the sidebar videos if you pause during the Xzibit part (also shows leekspin, Metalocalypse, and a girl with pink hair… maybe the girl from the kids show Lazytown? But I don\’t recognize the very top one, it\’s too dark for me to figure it out) There are some I don\’t know, like the hamster, and who is that guy that peeks out on the far right side of the screen before the \”Friday\” music starts? \”Evil Nyan Cat\” is actually called Tac Nayn.

  2. CJ said:

    Oops, I missed Dramatic Chipmunk at the end. 36.

  3. DocR. R said:

    ‘Imma Firin Ma Laser’ is actually ‘Shoop da Whoop’.

  4. DocR. R said:

    you also forgot ‘Dramatic Hamster’ for 37. it’s that last bit at the end, the last 3 notes and the dramatic pose.

  5. DocR. R said:

    and another one you forgot was ‘Rick Rolled’. It was that section where the guy danced next to the fence in the sunglasses and black pants and black jacket on top of the white shirt.

    • ilikecheese said:

      its actually Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up

  6. DocR. R said:

    oops. I just looked at what you had up and saw that you had both of them already. SORRY!!!

  7. Gina said:

    I found badgers, leek spin, troll fac e, y u no, f*Ck yea, derp

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