This Month’s Guest Editor: Kristen Hawley!

As always, the first week of the month is a time to say adieu to our last guest editor (Rick Rey, you ROCK), and welcome someone new into the fold! So direct from San Francisco, here’s Kristen Hawley, who I shall let describe herself:

Kristen Hawley is a writer, editor and new media nerd. Previously a print media nerd, she worked as a magazine editor for four years before wising up and going digital, writing and editing lifestyle, food and technology pieces for a variety of sites. Most recently, she worked on the PR team at Twitter, where she learned that Twitter is amazing, but PR is nowhere near as fun as editorial. Currently, she is working on a fiction novel while counting down the days until the beginning of ski season.

Please welcome Kristen, and join me in looking forward to her picks!

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