Quantum Levitation in Action

Science is fucking awesome. Ever wanted to see a real-world demonstration of a superconductor enabling quantum locking? Even if you didn’t before, this video will scratch the itch you never knew you had.

I can’t attest to the science behind this other than superconductivity is A) really cool, and B) quantum mechanics tends to be really hard for me to wrap my brain around. Certain types of matter and energy start acting in really weird ways at the very large, very small, very hot, and very cold scales of things. A rather cheeky scientist once told me “Well yeah; the edges are where the simulation starts to break down.”

At the very least it’s a demonstration that we take a lot of the processes of the universe around us for granted, and are in no danger of running out of new things to discover. And that science is fucking awesome.

PS: Hoverboards, people – get on them.

PPS: Try not to think too hard about that simulation comment if you’d like to retain your sanity.

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