One Of The Greatest Beatboxing Videos You’ll Ever See – Eklips

I’ll just say from the outset that I’m a passing hip-hop fan, and understand only a little about how beatboxing incorporates into hip-hop. So maybe it’s just me, but until this video started I was unaware that the human voice was even able to make some of these sounds. French beatboxer Eklips doesn’t just stop with mimicking drum and bass though, as he’s got a truly impressive ability to imitate both human and instrumental sounds (Seriously, horns? The guy just throws out trumpets like it’s nothing…) and even simulates postproduction studio effects at some points.

I came away truly impressed at both his skill, as well as his ability to do everything you hear in a single 4 minute take. I think the true test of whether or not something’s awesome is if you feel compelled to immediately hit up Google and start searching for more, and I’ve got five different tabs awaiting my ears.

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