Jeremy Clarkson – Where Dreams Are Driven

Motorheads – we’re an endangered species. For better or for worse, it’s becoming harder and harder to justify the existence of that which we love; that which feeds our souls and ushers forth from our lips a string of superlatives and swear words alike. The world that initially nurtured our love for automotive brilliance is gone, even as the modes and models currently brought forth are some of the best examples of automotive engineering ever to grace the planet. There’s still that sense that soon, very soon, it’ll all be gone.


Jeremy Clarkson is possibly the world’s premiere motorhead. He’s been an automotive journalist for decades, and the show he co-hosts – Top Gear – is one of the most watched programs in the world. But even he admits that the times have changed. We who favor engineering prowess and automotive excellence above all else, are passe. We, who love the feelings that stir up inside us as the adrenaline and dopamine begin to mix inside our brains. We, who favor third gear above all else, who enjoy a good road through nowhere, and who don’t even understand the question “why would you need that much power” – we are becoming extinct. The world that created us, and taught us to love horsepower, handling, and hairpins now demands sacrifice.

There is no place anymore for cars engineered for a singular and overwhelming purpose above all else: driving. Not in the real world, anyway.


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