Back To The Future: In Acapella

Continuing our (apparent) Time Travel Makes Everything Better theme this week, I present one of the mainstays of the genre: Back To The Future. Kind of.

I dunno, call me nostalgic, but there’s something so charmingly compelling about this video. It’s simple in concept: Take the skateboard scene from Back To The Future, remove the audio, and substitute your own. In practice though, it involves replacing the effects, the dialogue, and yes, even the music. In this case, Matt Mulholland is well familiar with the rigors of mimicking all manner of auditory necessities (see his redub of The Matrix’s famous lobby scene for just one example) and what you end up with is something that’s refreshing in both its familiarity and its uniqueness.

Or maybe I’m just a sucker for all things mashup, lipdub, acapella, or BTTF.

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