You and Your Studio

Before they transformed into respected, Tony-winning Broadway superstars with “The Book of Mormon,” we knew them as “the South Park guys.”  But before they were “the South Park guys,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone were hired by Universal (during the making of BASEKETBALL) to make an internal movie, commemorating the recent acquisition of MCA/Universal by Seagrams.

That’s right – Seagrams, the alcohol company.  The kind you get when you order a Vodka soda, and the bartender asks “what kind of vodka” and you respond “I don’t care.”  Mixology experts call this type of liquor “well.”

The resulting film, “You and Your Studio,” is less a celebration than an equally hilarious and fascinating slight against the Hollywood machine, featuring insane cameos from Steven Spielberg (making fun of his own movie!), James Cameron, Sylvester Stallone, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Demi Moore, Michael J. Fox and many more.

This movie used to be incredibly hard to find… just like research papers used to be hard to write.  Thank you, internet!

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