Jillian Mayer – “Scenic Jogging”

Though she might be more recognizable for “I Am Your Grandma,” her delirious, perfectly insane ode to the unborn, this hypnotic video from Jillian Mayer is probably more representative of her other work.  As Mayer herself chases an elusive freedom in the landscapes projected on building surfaces, she creates an hallucinatory vision of modern life.  Our inability to escape, to disconnect.  A beautiful, natural, free world is always just out of reach.

The video definitely takes a page from one of my favorite music videos ever:  The White Stripes’ “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground,” directed by Michel Gondry.  Several years before I saw the video, I had a series of dreams very similar to this, where moments from the past were projected onto faces in the present.

Nostalgia, freedom, and the human experience.  Yep, just a little weekend fun.  I’ll try to post something lighter next week!

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