Jim Gilliam – The Internet Is My Religion

Earlier this year, this video popped up onto my radar with the title “The Internet is my Religion.” As someone who has a very Internet 1.0 view of the nearly boundless possibilities the Internet holds within its scope, there was no way I wasn’t clicking through that one. Now I’ve done my best to keep religion and/or politics out of this venue, feeling that to be more appropriate for my personal blog as opposed to this group venture; in this case though, Jim Gilliam‘s personal journey is so powerful it eclipses any concerns I would otherwise have had about the subject matter.

What I found on the other side of that perfectly-constructed title was a singular story of one man’s personal journey that encompassed everything I hoped the internet could be. It’s at once honest, universal, heartbreaking, and uplifting – and it truly demonstrates that when given the opportunity to learn, teach, and communicate, the best of humanity truly comes forward. I was left so awestruck by the end of his talk, that the only thing I could think is that if the Internet is his religion, he just found a convert.

[Update] It’s come to my attention that a whole community has developed around the speech at InternetIsMyReligion.com/ If you’re interested, I’d highly suggest checking it out to add a comment, share your thoughts, engage with like-minded people, or just to say “thanks.”

  1. WOW, Jim. I healthy with good lungs, but at the moment I find myself breathless. I had a thought about the internet and it’s interconnectivity. Not to be funny but we are becoming BORG, a collective from Star Trek. Your religeous views are quite understandable to me. Do you think the Middle East would happening now if it weren’t for the internet. Knowledge is power and power is people.

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