Turbine-Powered Batmobile

Let’s face it: Batman is great, but he wouldn’t be the badass Caped Crusader we all know and love without the benefit of his hot ride. The Batmobile has gone through a lot of incarnations (check out the Wikipedia article for the full history, a surprisingly fun read), but the one that has always stood out in my mind is the version from Batman and Batman Returns, which appears to be the inspiration for the actual working Batmobile you see above (Batman geeks, please correct me if I’m wrong here).

According to the YouTube page of creator Casey Putsch (highlights my own):

It is powered by a military spec Boeing turboshaft engine driving the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox. It features a custom tube frame/monocoque chassis with fully independant suspension, disc brakes, and a sequential shifter. It runs on kerosene, diesel, or Jet fuel and has a power to weight ratio comparable to a Dodge Viper.

Sorry Tesla, I’ve just found my new dream car. It might not be as eco-friendly, but I’ll be a hit with all the kids at Comic-Con.

via Ryan

  1. Satchboy said:

    I remember when that particular Batmobile came out that some engineers were saying that it was impossible to have a jet turbine in a car like that.

    I guess they were wrong! 😀

    • Greg said:

      While the Batmobiles in the movies were seemingly powered by a jet turbine, this one is not. The turbine engine in this car drives the wheels. A jet turbine creates thrust with an exhaust jet, which would have to be (probably impossibly) routed around the cabin. It would probably also be very difficult, if not impossible to keep the cabin temperature at a level tolerable for humans and electronics.

    • “engine driving the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox.”

      That means it has a transmission pretty similar to whats in your car at home, so it can go in reverse just fine…

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