A delightful short film about time travel, written by “Lost”‘s Damon Lindelof and starring Thor

Okay, so I’m not totally clear as to why Ollie Klublershturf vs. The Nazis exists. I know it’s a cute low-fi sci-fi short (one of my favorite genres), written by “one of the idiots behind Lost” (his words) Damon Lindelof. I know that it has a great cast — Samm Levine, Lainie Kazan, George Segal, Norman Reedus, Rachel Nichols, Chris Helmsworth (abs sadly absent) and one of the kids from Super 8. And I know that the folks at TDW Geek (HAT TIP!) say it was written as a one-act play pre-Lost, and then short by director Skot Bright in 2010. But all I really know is that, as far as short films about time travel go, I dig it.

NOTE: This is not short. This is ten minutes long. My humble suggestion? The kid who plays the titular Ollie gives a performance that’s a large part of my recommendation. So wait until he shows up before you decide to click away.

  1. As a mexican in Germany I don’t agree with his conditions.

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