Illegal swings LA

I don’t know why, but there’s something about harmless, whimsical fun that really draws me in. It breaks people out of their day-to-day mindset in the same manner as a natural disaster or national tragedy, but ends up connecting us through a more positive commonality. It’s what’s powered perennial favorite Improv Everywhere through years of activity, and that same ethos is at large in this week’s video.

I’ll admit that a full 50% of this video’s awesomeness comes from the mere idea of there being legal and illegal swings. Having something as innocuous and representative of innocence as a swingset be given an official legal status seems utterly bizarre on every human level. In my mind, there are few things as wonderfully representative of innocence as a swingset because for most people, it’s a first taste of freedom.

Apparently I’m not alone in my thinking because that’s what the amazingly-named Awesome Foundation (not making that one up) deemed worth funding for their June project. Watch the video to see the truly awesome (and whimsically heartwarming) results of their efforts; then visit to see where the group plans on taking the idea next.

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