Bollywood 80s Dance

There are some days that are worth looking through old Bollywood videos on Youtube to be amazed and entertained.  This, my friends, is one of them.

It’s got wannabe Michael Jackson flair and Olivia Newton John’s “stylish” sensibilities.  Mix in some dance-y karate moves using snow and mountains as a backdrop, and you’ve got a hit! God bless Bollywood in 1987.

  1. Krysty said:

    Its fun to watch this clip; now-a-days we get to see only item numbers in movies, even the actors have been started following actress after the huge hit of Munni and Shiela performances.

  2. Though the trends of dancing changes in Bollywood according to the situations, in the late 70’s and 80’s disco trend was rules over the Bollywood world and time passes it changes to salsa and rock, but still the charm of disco and classical are found in many ways of Indian cinema.

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