This Month’s Guest Editor: Ellie Rountree!

We took the month of May off from having a guest editor, and the conclusion we came to is that not having a guest editor is boring! Guest editors are great. So for the month of June, please welcome Ellie Rountree!

Who’s Ellie? I’ll let her tell you:

Elspeth Rountree, contrary to popular belief, didn’t grow up in a darkened basement learning to code, but she did spend an unusual amount of time between playing Nintendo and exploring the outdoors. This combination trained her for her career which was working for the video blog Rocketboom, co-founding Know Your Meme, and blogging up some of the best video and content the internet had to offer. These days, she’s working on her own for companies such as the Travel Channel and BBCA, and still continues to offer up an interesting mix of internet oddities at her personal site To learn more, visit

Hooray for Ellie! Tremble in awe at the picks to come.

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