50 State Stereotypes in Two Minutes

This video is a for trailer (?) for the recent release of the post-college-life-crisis book States of Confusion by Paul Jury.

I always loved the idea of using video to promote books. At first the concept seems sort of random, as the two arts are very different in how they are consumed, produced, and promoted.  But when you think about it, they are also very similar in the sense that there are millions to chose from and the best stuff often gets buried.  Whether it’s a link or a paperback,  you often find the things you enjoy most when you get a personal recommendation from a friend. So as an author, why not hedge your bets and try both?

Despite loving the motivation behind this video (getting folks to read), I also think it’s just generally funny and clever. Being a Mass-hole, New Yorker, living in California via Colorado, I’ve fallen victim to thinking and many of these stereotypes myself. But I’ve always been proud of where of from. So my advice is no matter what is said about your state, enjoy this video and take a second to giggle a little about how outrageous this massive country of ours really is.

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