Leonard Nimoy’s Lazy Day

Okay, so in reality Leonard Nimoy probably doesn’t spend his days living the life of the Dude. But watching him do so in this alternate video for Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song” is pretty much pure pleasure. Don’t necessarily love the song, but love this.

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  1. Sri said:

    Just caught up on the ereintty of Fringe. Mostly due to the fact that Lost has finished I need something to fill the void.Seemed a bit off at first but I stuck with it and I agree. It paid off. Been watching your reviews all the way with each episode of season 2. Damn this show is good. The characters, their relationships, the over arching story. I completely agree with Roth. There have been some ups and downs, but their A game is being shown through as often as possible.And if you aren’t watching Fringe you really should start. But the finale. THAT FINALE!I saw the major cliffhanger coming a mile off but I was yelling and screaming for all of them to realise that wasn’t our Olivia. Cannot wait for season 3 now. I really want to see how things pan out for Evilia. One complaint though. It’s a little hard for me to explain but I can’t help but think the “grey area” of the alternate world was lost a little and it has become darker in this episode. A lot of the counterparts came off as menacing and sinister. I wasn’t fond of it.

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