This Guy is a Musical Jean-ious

There are so many more pants puns that can be made about this video, but I will restrain myself. Mostly because the concept is so rad!

Beautifully shot and edited in the style of a Mystery Guitar Man video, artist Andrew Huang created a musical master piece using 1000 pairs. How’d he get his hand on so many jeans? M Jeans, a Singapore-based brand dedicated to hooking tall men up with the perfect fitting jeans, asked customers to send us their unflattering in jeans in to be a part of the art piece. Personally, I approve on this unconventional means of recycling!

Note: If you are in the need for an afternoon pick me up, I highly recommend checking out Andrew’s previous viral hit “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.”

(via The Daily What)

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