My Drunk Kitchen – Important Lessons For Surviving Your Adultolescence

For some people, a kitchen is a place where wonders never cease. For others, it’s akin to Mordor: a place into which one simply cannot walk and expect to survive. For Hannah Harto, the kitchen is where one goes to drink heavily while playing with fire.

Equal parts Brooklyn, alcohol, and self-deprecating whimsy, there’s something remarkably charming about Hannah’s kitchen exploits. The show is in its sixth episode, so while it’s still a bit uneven at parts, it continues to improve as Hannah gets more comfortable with public insobriety. Even given its ultra-low-fi setup of a one person talking into a stationary laptop camera and purposefully sloppy edits, there’s no denying the sparks of genius that are becoming more and more frequent as the series goes on. I’m still not sure whether she’s acting or serious, but either way she’s far more entertaining than she has any right to be, and I can’t wait to see more.


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