Have Suit, Will Fly – Buzzing Mountains at 175MPH.

Within the extreme sports community, there are various subsets of adrenaline deficiency. For most people, pitching oneself out of a plane at thirty thousand feet will get the adrenal glands performing their stated function. For the more drastic cases, BASE jumping is required. But the most interesting cases are the truly crazy adrenaline junkies – the Wingsuit Fliers.

Meet Jeb Corliss, one of the preeminent fliers in the community. He’s been posting various videos of his exploits for almost a decade now, but the above video has always been my favorite. It’s sort of a “best of the best,” if “the best” assumes an inclusion of buzzing mountains at distances easily measured by grade school rulers, trailing your fingers along the grass of the Swiss Alps at 175MPH and shooting tree-lined canyons like you’re staging your own Death Star trench run.

Dangerous? Oh yeah. Insane? Possibly. Awesome? Without question.

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