Fast Cars and the Apocalypse

Lamborghinis are the types of cars that don’t need commercials. You either revel in or abhor the pointlessness of such an abundant excess of automotive engineering. It either stirs your soul or rolls your eyes. To be short, you’re either sold on them before you hit the seat or you never will be. So if Lamborghini decides to make a commercial for it’s brand-new bull, you can be damn sure that it’s going to be worth their efforts.

The new bull in question is the Aventador – a 700HP, All Wheel Drive, Carbon-Fiber-Monocoqued hell-on-wheels that hits 60 in 2.9 seconds and won’t stop until it crests 217 miles per hour. It’s car porn; automotive theory fetishized to the umpteenth degree. And it’s awesome.

So what on earth do you put it up against?

Well…you don’t.

You put it up against the end of the Earth.

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