Haunting Music Video Created on a Nintendo DSI

Generally I stray from posting music videos on any site I curate, because I’m no “expert” in music, just video.  That said, I find music videos to be an especially innovative video genre, so at some point I created a set of rules in which I can safely share a music video. Results as follows:

-song has to be something that I personally enjoy, regardless of the band, genre, ect
-visually the video has to include some interesting filming or editing technique that I haven’t seen elsewhere
-and the song and the video “match” and compliment each other artistically

This music video by Billy Pollard for his new song When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted wins.  The song is so lovely and simple. It’s sound is deeply emotional and haunting. And the songwriter created the animation on his Nintendo DSi. This video was made entirely with flipnote studio, a program that captures drawings created with the stylist on the video screen and converts the into a frame-by-frame flipbook animation . So much nerd cred!

1 comment
  1. Mary Ann said:

    How did you post this? I have a dsi music video I would like to post too.

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