GINA – The most innovative car you’ve probably never heard of.

More than a decade ago, BMW began secret internal work on what would become one of the most unprecedented cars they’d ever attempted – GINA. This endeavor was lead by Chris Bangle, BMW’s ultra-controversial new head designer, under the premise of challenging every assumption about what an automobile could be, how, and why; or more specifically to “challenge existing principles and conventional processes.” What BMW ended up with was a car so astonishing that they kept it behind lock and key for nearly nine years to use as a springboard for the biggest design and engineering revolution that the company had ever attempted.

With GINA (“Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptations”) BMW had made something truly groundbreaking: a shape-shifting, personally customizable sports coupe, that was completely different from any automobile that had ever come before. If you see bits and pieces of the current 3, 5, 6, and Z series cars in GINA you’re not far off, but until they moved GINA to the BMW museum in 2008 for her public unveiling and retirement, no one outside of a very select few were able to lay eyes on her.

Unfortunately BMW has said that at this time there are no plans to put anything like GINA into production, and Chris Bangle has since moved on from the company. Until they change their minds, you’ll have to be content wistfully watching videos of GINA in action at BMW’s Youtube page.

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