Welcome to Here’s Some Awesome!

Here’s Some Awesome is an independent non-profit attempt at curating web content, by a bunch of people who love video and want to share that passion with random strangers and good friends. Our picks might be random, beautiful, nerdy or strange — all that’s required is that they be awesome.

The first four days of the week are curated by our regular panel of contributors, who you can read all about here; Fridays, though, are the domain of a guest editor, who will contribute for a month at a time. This month, we’re joined by Zadi Diaz, co-creator of Epic Fu and a passionate supporter of web original content and remix culture; future guest editors will come from all facets of the industry.

Because we know that those in the web video world are awfully busy making web video, our goal is not to overwhelm with content, but instead provide one daily video that should be watched (because it’s awesome). That’s the promise: One great video, every day. Just for you.

So follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and/or Facebook, email us if you have any questions (or video recommendations), and keep checking in daily for our latest picks!


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