Burning Man. It’s not for everyone, but it’s beauty is. Personally, I have been five times. I hate the heat and don’t do drugs. But I love the break from reality where people actually talk to you not at you and there is no where you need to be but besides exactly where you are. It’s such a raw and haunting place filled with so much beauty (both visually and in spirit.) This series of timelapses gives you good glimpse into the wonderful and mysterious event that bring tens of thousands to the Nevada desert each year.

As silly as this video starts off to be, it is important to watch and learn what is actually happening here. Pouring buckets of ice over your head means something to the 30,000 people in the US with ALS who aren’t being offered a cure. I knew the disease is genetic and terrifying, but this video breaks it all down in a way that is easy (also heartbreaking) to understand.

I’ve always wondered how the BBC was able to get such amazingly beautiful up close footage of wildlife doing their wildlife thing. And this is how! It’s so cool that I don’t even want to tell you. Just watch for yourself. To me, seeing how they are filmed is twenty-fold more exciting than watching animals in the wild (which is an impressive feet).


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