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This is one of those cases where the thing in the video is more impressive than anything related to the video itself. Meet Squarepusher’s Z-Machines, a robot band built by a team from the University of Tokyo. The music might not be for everyone (unless you’ve been longing for the glory days of Rush), but we’re talking about a rock band that looks something like an arachnid Daft Punk with one crucial difference – these are real robots. The song, “Sad Robots Go Funny” was an attempt to prove that robots could convey emotion. It’s a bit sterile, but it does provoke one clear response: wonder. (Via Wired.)

SPOILER ALERT (if you aren’t caught up on seasons 1-3): As someone who never got into Game of Thrones, this animated spoof of Burton’s ‘What’s This’ song embodies my reaction to the popular show I know so little about. Until you are willing to 100% commit, Game of Thrones is a foreign world that makes no sense. Nor does what all your friends keep saying about it.

Me: “I figured the abs would distract you from the cultural appropriation long enough for you to enjoy it.”

Her: “Haka is an art form. I can appreciate its deep history, its nuanced interpretation through gestural dance of the complicated feelings warriors face as they go into battle, the questions that arise when a noble tradition is transmuted into spectacle, the added layer of resonance between this team and our own sports teams named after pejorative terms for native peoples exterminated by colonialists; and, also, dat azz.”


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